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Customs Brokerage
Meeting All Customs Requirements

Working out the best way of moving goods and ensuring they reach their final destination is what Freightstar does best. Part of that work includes dealing with customs requirements, which differ on a country-by-country basis.

The good news for Freightstar customers is that they can avoid getting buried under customs' forms, schedules, lists and paperwork, because we take it all on for them. And because we know what we're doing - keeping up with any regulatory changes, knowing what is required for specific types of shipment - we don't get buried by the paperwork and red tape, we simply take it in our stride and get on with the job of moving goods to where they're going - on time.

What We Do

As part of our custom brokerage work, we:

  • Offer advice about shipping methods and best options (road, rail, sea and air)
  • Find the best carriers, best routes and best shipping routes available
  • Help the customer with information about exchange rates and their obligations with regards to appraisals, tarrifs, duties and tax
  • Prepare and files the required paperwork for customs at the port of departure and arrival
  • Ensure that goods are released to our customers from customs Control.

Our mission is to provide a fast, no-fuss freight service to all our customers at the best available rates with the best service.

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"As part of the job of moving your shipment, Freightstar acts as your customs broker ensuring your goods transit is smooth, lawful and timely."

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