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Imports & Exports
Keeping New Zealand Trading

We ensure that our customers' trade in importing and/or exporting goods runs smoothly by offering a full import and export brokerage service. We work with customers and companies of all sizes importing and exporting a wide range of goods. Our import and export brokerage service includes:

  • Import and export advisory service
  • Management of all shipping requirements (by sea, road, rail or air)
  • Door to door pick-up and delivery for all imports and exports
  • Customs clearance, duties, fees and tariffs
  • Management and resolution of any other matters arising

New Zealand Importers

When the smooth running of your business relies on receiving goods from overseas, we help make that happen. Freightstar can arrange loading and pick-up of goods from the place of manufacture and track their shipping until arrival and unloading at the door. Freightstar will make sure that shipments enter New Zealand legitimately and lawfully and make all necessary arrangements for customs clearances, tariffs and fees, conditions of quarantine and any other matters arising. With our experience of import logisitics, we ensure that goods are handled in a timely manner, arrive in the condition they left the factory and are shipped by reliable shipping partners on the best and most secure shipping routes.

To find out more about New Zealand imports and our import service, please contact Freightstar.

New Zealand Exporters

We recognise that exports are the backbone of the New Zealand economy and help support New Zealand businesses trade with the rest of the world by offering a professional, fast and efficient export service. We offer shipping services to assist exporters in the agricultural, manufacturing and retail sectors and provide cost-effective and reliable shipping. We can arrange:

  • Container shipping by sea, road and rail
  • Express shipping by air (for small or large shipments)
  • Temperature-controlled shipping for sensitive material
  • Shipment of hazardous materials
  • Over-sized cargo shipments (e.g. heavy machinery)

To find out more about New Zealand exports and our export service, please contact Freightstar.

Our mission is to provide a fast, no-fuss freight service to import and export customers at the best available rates.

New Zealand Imports
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Get a shipping quote online or call freephone 0800 00 55 55.

"Freightstar provide a complete shipping service for imports and exports arriving and leaving New Zealand."

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