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International Freight
To Major Export Destinations & More

From deer velvet to dairy, from fridges to fences - New Zealand's many and varied exports are shipped to the world market via reliable and cost-effective shipping methods and routes. With most of New Zealand's exports heading to the following international destinations: Australia, China, United States, Japan, the UK, Korea and other Asian countries, Freightstar has worked to build up excellent working relationships with reliable shipping companies servicing routes to, and ports in, these destinations.

Some of the international freight leaving New Zealand, aside from domestic removals (e.g. home and office) includes:

  • Dairy products: milk powder, cheese, casein, butter
  • Meat and wool farming: sheep, beef, deer, goats, pigs, poultry
  • Other farming products: Honey, crops such as wheat and barley, fruit (aples, kiwifruit, grapes, avocadoes), vegetables (legumes, onions), olives, flowers and wine
  • Wood products: timber, pulp, board, paper and newsprint
  • Fish and fish products
  • Coal, gold, silver, ironclay, limestone, salt and greenstone
  • Furniture, electric fences, chemicals, retail systems, production systems for domestic appliance manufacturers, rock-crushing equipment and mobile radios.

Whatever your freight and whatever its final destination, Freightstar has the expertise, the knowledge and more importantly, the contacts to move it safely, securely and on-time.

Freightstar provides a fast, no-fuss international freight service at the best available rates.

International Freight
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"Freightstar provide a complete international freight shipping service for New Zealand business and individuals."

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